Learning Roadmaps

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With Learning Roadmaps, you can easily create a graphic organizer with the activities you choose for an autonomous learning sequence for your students.

When you want to give your students a sequence of learning activities for them to accomplish with autonomy, Learning Roadmaps can help you create the graphic organizer.

Just open a Spreadsheet, type your instructions in the first column, the links (optional) in the second one, choose the color for each step (optional) in the third column and Learning Roadmaps will create the organizer to share with your students. You can print it or share the link with them.

It is also possible to create a copy for each student for them to write down their reflection and suggestions. For that, after writing the list of instructions in the first sheet, add a Roster Sheet, insert the names of your students in the first column and their emails in the second one. Learning Roadmaps will create a copy for each student and share it with them with edit permission!

Give Learning Roadmaps a try!

It collects no user data. Your Content is not collected nor accessible in any way by Learning Roadmaps.

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