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With SlideTransfer, you can seamlessly transfer slides from one presentation in Google Slides™ to another.

Picture this: you’re in the midst of an engaging presentation, and there comes a thrilling moment when you don’t want to divulge all your slides to the audience simultaneously. Rather, you aim to selectively share specific slides, building anticipation and fostering engagement at precisely the right moments in your presentation.

In this very scenario, SlideTransfer emerges as the perfect solution, allowing you to effortlessly and instantly transfer slides from your current presentation to another. This process ensures a seamless and enriched experience for your audience.

SlideTransfer stands as a robust and time-saving add-on crafted to streamline the task of transferring slides across different presentations in Google Slides™. This intuitive extension empowers users to effortlessly duplicate slides from one presentation and seamlessly integrate them into another, guaranteeing a presentation that shows professionalism and consistency.

All it takes is entering the URL of the target presentation, and you can transfer a single slide or multiple slides from your current presentation. SlideTransfer preserves the original formatting, styles, fonts, and animations of the copied slides. This attention to detail ensures a uniform and polished appearance in the destination presentation, sparing you the time and effort needed for manual reformatting.

It collects no user´s data. Your content is not collected nor accessible in any way by SlideTransfer.

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